What is a NuruMassage? The masseuse will rub your entire body with the nuru and slide on you for a perfect body to body massage!

It's been a great month for Sal, the campus bookie, so he celebrates with a special NuruMassage: a threesome with Asa and Stephanie. A sensual shower with much fondling and writhing by all is followed by a Jacuzzi where the girls trade stroke-by-stroke blowjobs, wet kisses, and lots of erotic caressing. The air mattress climax adds slippery bodies, deep pussy fingering, and cum swapping!!

Mark has come over to get paid for tutoring Jackie. She pays with a great massage instead. They begin in the shower with slow sensual fondling. Then in the Jacuzzi, Jackie uses her mouth, feet, and pussy on Mark. He's moaning. Finally on the air mattress, Jackie slides her super slick Nuru-gelled body on Mark while licking, slurping, and sucking his hard cock until he busts a nut.

Jack has been partying too much and needs rehab. In the Jacuzzi, Jack (and his dick) perk up as Asa moves from massaging his foot with her hands to massaging his cock with her feet - while leaning over to take his cock into her mouth! Later, Asa uses Nuru gel to sensually glide on top of Jack. Add a great deepthroat blowjob and lots of fondling, and a now rehabilitated Jack shoots his load.

Angelina comes to NuruMassage for student orientation. So Asa leads her to the shower where they sensually caress, lick, and kiss. Things heat up in the Jacuzzi as Asa gently probes Angelina's pussy with her finger and teasingly licks the brown eye. But it's on the air mattress with the magical Nuru gel that makes Angelina truly incoherent by Asa's writhing, humping, and sucking.

Charles decides to celebrate his new promotion with a NuruMassage. Jackie is happy to oblige. After showering together to get acquainted, they move to the Jacuzzi. Jackie massages his dick with her feet - and with her mouth. He likes that (a lot!) On the air mattress, Jackie uses Nuru gel to writhe on, around, and even under Charles and promotes his hard-on to a full-on orgasm.
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